While some dentists can offer a variety of treatments, sometimes a specialist is your overall best choice. From training to capabilities, oral surgeons can provide a higher level of care and can see a broader range of patients, including those who have complex cases. Guided by renowned oral surgeons Dr. Andrew Mueller and Dr. Patrick Waters, Marquis Center is your specialty practice for dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, wisdom teeth, facial trauma treatment, and more. Oral surgeons are widely considered the go-to experts for these services, and with good reason:

Advantage #1: Training and Experience

With the extensive education oral surgeons undergo—including a minimum of four years of advanced training after completing dental school—oral surgeons are surgical specialists. While some dentists may do the occasional wisdom tooth extraction or dental implant case, as examples, oral surgeons do them and other types of surgery every day. The Marquis Center team places more than 900 implants each year with a success rate of 99%.

Advantage #2: Medical Qualifications

All oral surgeons have medical training, enabling them to safely treat medically compromised patients and effectively deal with any complications they might encounter during a surgical procedure. Drs. Mueller and Waters are degreed and licensed medical doctors in addition to being oral surgeons.

Advantage #3: Anesthesia Options

Oral surgeons are certified to provide sedation for different complexities of treatment, including methods that essentially allow patients to sleep through their procedures. This not only makes procedures more comfortable for patients, it simplifies scheduling and billing. Many practices have to bring in an outside specialist to provide anesthesia, which requires aligning schedules between the anesthesiologist, main provider, and patient, and also separate bills for the patient to pay.

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