Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options available and can help you permanently restore health and function to your smile. However, many patients are concerned about the cost of this treatment, especially when replacing all their teeth, and wonder how they’ll be able to afford dental implants. Thankfully, there are many ways you can pay for treatment. Be sure to talk with your oral surgeon who will be able to assist you in the best option for your situation.

3 Common Ways Patients Afford Dental Implants

  1. Dental Insurance.
    Though all dental insurance plans are different, some may cover a portion of your treatment cost. Contact your insurance representative and learn about your benefits. Most dental practices will also be able to help maximize your insurance benefits as well as submit claims on your behalf.
  2. FSAs or HSAs.
    Another common way patients pay for more costly dental implant treatment is with their flexible spending account or health savings account. These accounts allow patients to set aside money either pre-tax or contribute to a tax-deductible account. The money in these accounts can be used to pay for a portion or all the costs associated with treatment.
  3. Dental Financing.
    Perhaps one of the most popular ways patients afford full mouth dental implants is through third-party dental financing. Companies like Proceed Finance or CareCredit® make it possible to fit large treatment costs into affordable monthly payments. These companies generally offer fixed rates and customizable loan terms to ensure payments fall within a patient’s budget. Additionally, most of these dental financing companies have no application or early repayment fees, and provide instant loan approval after applying. Many dental financing companies exist, each with their own benefits, so contact your dentist to learn if the practice partners with any of them.


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