If you’re familiar with the risks of general anesthesia, you may be turned off by the idea of turning to sedation dentistry to help you overcome your dental anxieties. General anesthesia is a form of sedation, yet there are some significant differences between IV sedation and general anesthesia. Take a look at what makes IV sedation safer than general anesthesia and learn how it can help you breeze through your next dental appointment.

Why IV Sedation Is Safer than General Anesthesia

IV sedation can offer a deeply sedation experience that helps you shed your fear, at least while its effects are active. With general sedation, you can sleep peacefully through whatever procedure you require.

The biggest distinction between IV sedation and general anesthesia, and what makes the former safer than the latter, is the level of sedation achieved.

IV sedation is generally classified as conscious sedation, meaning you’ll stay away while medicated. While general anesthesia is classified as unconscious sedation. Herein lies the danger of general anesthesia – you will remain asleep and can’t be awakened until the anesthesia wears off. Even if you fall asleep with IV sedation, you can be roused by verbal or physical prompts.

The Risks of IV Sedation

Serious complications with IV sedation are rare, especially since you’ll be monitored by medical professional the entire time. Your current health and medical history will also factor into your candidacy for and dosage of IV sedation.

While complications are rare, there are some common side effects of IV sedation.

·         You’ll feel groggy during and after your procedure

·         Your response times will be slow

·         Your blood pressure will drop

·         You may experience memory loss with regards to your procedure, though that may be a good thing for those with severe dental anxieties.

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