Over time, gum disease ravages the teeth and gums until teeth begin to fall out. The jawbone that once held those teeth firmly in place begins to deteriorate due to a lack of stimulation from tooth roots that are no longer in place.

Dental implants offer a reliable, permanent solution to tooth loss. However, severe bone loss can make a patient a risky candidate for them. But there are things an oral surgeon can do to help strengthen your jawbone and, in turn, strengthen your candidacy for dental implants. And bone grafting is one of the most effective treatments for making jawbone size and density viable for dental implants.

Bone Grafting

To determine if a bone graft is needed, your dentist will use 3D imaging technology to create high-resolution 3D images of your teeth and jawbone. This will enable your dentist to see the exact dimensions and density of your jawbone.

If a bone graft is needed, your dentist will lift your gums in the area of the jawbone that needs more support. Your dentist will then place natural or synthetic bone at the attention area and stitch the gums back together. Over the next few months, the bone and grafting material will fuse together and may even regenerate lost jawbone.

Considerations: Alternative Dental Implants

In some cases, the damage done by gum disease and tooth decay can cause the jawbone to deteriorate to the point that even bone grafting won’t help make the area viable for dental implants. Here’s where you can see some of the benefits of consulting with an oral surgeon on dental implants, rather than a general practice dentist.

At an oral surgeon, you’ll find alternative dental implants styles such as zygomatic dental implants. These types of dental implants are implanted into stable bone in other areas of the mouth, enabling an oral surgeon to say yes to dental implants when a general dentist might have given you a no.

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