Tooth pulling, or extractions, are among the best and simplest ways of getting oral respite. An extraction is the process of removing a tooth. If your pulp (center of the tooth) has died, or the tooth is infected, extraction may be the only alternative for pain relief. Depending upon the scenario and the tooth, the extraction could be complicated or very simple. Simple extractions are also known as pulling and do not take long to complete. Your dentist will most likely numb your mouth before he begins, so you won’t feel anything. Depending on the severity, pulling the tooth will typically take just a few minutes once the sedative has taken effect. Once the puling process is completed, the dentist will then put gauze on your mouth, and you may be free to go. Sadly, not all teeth can be pulled.

Another form of tooth extraction is a surgical extraction. Some teeth might become so decayed or broken that the dental practitioner has absolutely nothing to grasp over the gum line. In this instance, the dental practitioner will need to perform this more complex extraction. To get the tooth out they will have to go beneath the gum line, as they won’t be capable of using the standard method of pulling while rocking back and forth. This kind of extraction involves making an incision in the gingiva around the tooth and raising the cut flap to expose the bone.

After the bone is exposed, there should be enough of the enamel exposed for the dental practitioner to grab and remove it utilizing the pulling method. In a lot of cases, however, the enamel will be embedded in the bone, which means the dentist won’t be capable of pulling the tooth out. With teeth that are embedded in the bone, the dental practitioner may need to use a drill and chip away at the bone to get at the tooth. This is referred to as cutting the enamel out and is quite a common procedure with teeth that are severely decayed.

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