If you’re missing one or more teeth, chances are you’re looking for a solution that’s as close to natural teeth as possible. It would be nice to not have to alter your diet or oral hygiene routine like what happens when you wear dentures. And it would be helpful not to harm remaining natural teeth just so a dental bridge can be properly supported. The good news is that dental implants provide a solution for tooth loss that also functions just like real teeth!


3 Ways Dental Implants Are Like Real Teeth


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots.

Your natural teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone where they provide stimulation in exchange for secure support. Dental implants are designed to mimic tooth roots with a post that anchors in the bone to provide the same give-and-take function between it and the bone. Once integrated, your jawbone will remain healthy and strong while the secured dental implant will create a permanent base for a new tooth or set of teeth.


Dental implants are strong and durable.

Dental implant posts are made from titanium or ceramic while the restorations are made from porcelain or zirconia. All these materials can withstand the normal forces exerted when you bite and chew foods. In some ways, they are even stronger than real teeth as they cannot become decayed nor will they ever require root canal therapy.


Dental implant restorations look and feel natural.

When treatment is completed by an experienced implant dentist using high-quality materials, dental implants will look and feel just like natural teeth. The porcelain or zirconia materials used to make dental crowns, bridges, or sets of teeth can easily be colored to take on the shade and translucency of natural teeth. When polished, they’ll feel like real teeth, too.


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