Any emergency is stressful, especially dental or facial, so it can be tough to make quick decisions about care. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have an oral surgeon and dental team at the ready that you can trust. The Marquis Center is here to deliver our high standard of care to you in a harrowing time. We keep up to three emergency dental care appointments available every single day, because we know that facial and dental emergencies are unpredictable and scary. We want to help guide you through your treatment as smoothly as possible.

Our oral surgeons have years of experience, degrees in dentistry and medicine alike, and the highest levels of training in dental surgical care. Dental surgery is our speciality, and we are experts in complex reconstructive treatments, advanced anesthesia, and emergency care in multiple settings. We are accustomed to providing emergency care and assistance in hospital surgical centers, outpatient facilities, and our offices, so we’re never caught off guard.

Emergency conditions we treat:
  •  Fractured or broken jaw
  • Damaged teeth
  • Cuts on soft tissues
  • Severe pain or infection in teeth
  • Facial bones that are broken or fractured

A successful recovery is based on how quickly a situation is addressed. At the first sign of a dental emergency or facial trauma, it is of paramount importance that you immediately visit our oral surgeons to increase the chances of aesthetic and functional recovery.