We know that facial injuries can be scary and certainly quite painful. Beyond that, we know it can be alarming to consider the length of the healing process and what impact the injury may have on your appearance. You may think only larger facial lacerations or broken facial bones can alter your appearance, but even teeth that have been knocked out can have a bearing on the shape of your face over time, depending on a few relevant factors. If your facial injury isn’t severe enough to require immediate medical attention, an exam by an oral surgeon should be your next step. The sooner you are seen and examined, the better!

  • Lacerations of the face

  • Missing or knocked out teeth

  • Disruptive oral lacerations

  • Severe infections

  • Broken or fractured jawbones

  • Any broken or fractured facial bones

Your Facial Trauma Treatment

Prompt diagnosis is required to ensure the best possible healing and treatment options for facial trauma. This will ensure that your pain is being managed efficiently and securely, while we help you to retain your original appearance as closely as possible. With decades of intricate training and experience, our maxillofacial surgery team will pave the way for your recovery journey. We want you to feel safe and comfortable, knowing that we hear you. We’re listening and we’ll always approach your treatment with the best course in mind for you. While treating you with the reconstructive care that we specialize in, our focus is to reconstruct your oral and facial foundations while maintaining laser focus on an optimal aesthetic outcome. When coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment and highly rated anesthetic services, we remain committed to your comfort and safety overall. From the smallest lacerations to the most complex cases, our aim is to always provide you with compassionate, customized treatment.