The few first weeks after your dental implant surgery are critical to your recovery and the long-term success of your treatment. While it’s important to maintain a nutritionally rich diet, there are certain foods you should avoid to ensure you do not harm the surgical site and delay healing. Temporarily remove the following foods from your diet:

Hard fruits and vegetables.

While you can consume these foods if they’re cooked and soft, refrain from biting and chewing raw fruits and veggies like apples and carrots. Stick with soft alternatives like bananas and peas that offer the same levels of nutrition without being harmful to your teeth.

Chips, popcorn, and other crunchy snacks.

Foods like tortilla chips, nuts, and other snacks that can have sharp edges are best avoided while you heal. These foods can easily become painfully lodged in the surgical site or between teeth. If you’re feeling snacky, try eating apple sauce instead.

Sticky or chewy sweets.

While you’re healing from surgery, stay away from sticky or chewy foods (especially candy) like caramel or taffy. These foods tend to adhere to teeth and may dislodge a temporary restoration. Opt for a fruit protein shake or yogurt if you need something sweet.

Spicy, hot, or acidic foods.

Any food or beverage that contains spices such as hot pepper, acidity like oranges, or are hot to the touch should be avoided. They can irritate the healing tissues at the surgical site and may increase the risk of discomfort and infection.

Nutritionally lacking meals or snacks.

It may be tempting to eat only ice cream and pudding in the days and weeks following your dental implant surgery. However, maintaining a diet rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins, and minerals is the best way to ensure your recovery is fast and healthy.


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