Kim Caldwell

Hi, I’m here today with Dr. Andrew Mueller, an oral surgeon from the Marquis Dental Implant Center. Our topic today is to talk about full arch dental implants. All right, so for patients who are out there there are doing their research now, they’re looking to try to find out what their best option for a doctor’s going to be. What kind of question should they be asking, what’s most important for them to know as they’re making a decision?

Dr. Andrew Mueller

Sure, you know, I think it’s the same kind of questions you would ask and you’re making any big purchase, you know how experienced as the person, that you’re going to use, what kind of materials are they using, the quality of – You know, what they’re using materials, and then third, what’s the – what’s the warranty? What’s my recourse? If something doesn’t go the way I expect? And so, you know the first one with experience. Maybe the doctor has been placing implants for 20 years. But if the only place 10 implants a year, you know, they’re not really that experienced, or how many full Arch cases have they done. Maybe some – another doctor. Been doing this for only five years, but they place a thousand implants a year. They do over a hundred arches a year. That’s a lot more experience. That’s somebody that does this pretty much every day. And you know, also what’s their complication rate, what’s their success rate? Those are really important questions regarding experience. So the second and then the second one is the materials. So the quality of the materials which materials their choosing and when it comes to – to this when it comes to full arch dental treatment the materials are really important, They changed a lot. And a lot of materials that are commonly used still are very outdated. Some of the newer materials require a little more expertise. They’re a little harder to work with but they’re definitely significantly better for the patient. And so making sure that you know, as of today they’re using something like zirconia or a nano ceramic I think is very important. And then the third question is regarding your recourse, the long-term, the maintenance, and I want to know if they have a warranty, how long Warranty, last what does it cover? What does my maintenance look like? How often am I going to see you after I have this done? And then also are you going to be around 10 years from now, 20 years from now. Because this is a big investment and you want to make sure that you’re going to be able to partner with the doctor or center that’s gonna be able to take care of you not only today.

Kim Caldwell

All right, that makes sense. So when we’re asking these questions things we should keep in mind are the experience, the materials, and the components that things are made of, and the warranty or the recourse and what we’re going to be able to do in years to come. Thanks so much for your time and for giving us all this information.