When your teeth are failing

It’s time for a replacement

Just as knees, hips, and other parts of the body need replacing over the course of many people’s lives, your teeth are no different.

Dental implants give you your freedom back. The freedom to smile, to eat, and most importantly, the freedom to no longer experience tooth pain.

Replace your teeth. Restore your life.

experience The Difference

The Marquis Procedure

A marquis smile is a teeth replacement – utilizing dental implants as the foundation – and creating a natural, beautiful smile that is designed by our doctors to your face.
Our restorative, cosmetic dentists work hand in hand with our smile engineers and board certified oral and Maxillofacial surgeons to create your Marquis smile.


Success Rate

Full arches place annually

Step Quality Check

How it works

Can I really get teeth in a day?

Yes, you can. Patients of The Marquis Center arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon with a brand new smile!

Jodi Y.

“The staff is very friendly and the doctors are great. The exams are very thorough and options and procedures are described in detail that is easy to understand! Definitely recommend!”


Sherry B.

“The team is pretty phenomenal! They really make you feel like a part of the family. The customer service is exceptional! The staff go out of their way to make sure you feel the genuine love and care from the smallest details and all done with a smile. I would highly recommend the Marquis team to anyone that is looking for an amazing experience!”


Russell B.

“Fantastic experience! All services delivered as promised. Super staff and doctors. Took me from a mouth full of problems to an awesome smile that will last a lifetime.”