Dental implants are one of the best and longest-lasting solutions for one or more missing teeth. It makes sense that you’d want your surgery to be as successful as possible. One way your implant dentist can ensure this is by using such technologies as 3D imaging. These panoramic scans of your mouth provide insight that digital x-rays can’t reveal. For your treatment, the use of CBCT imaging has many benefits including:


A more accurate representation of your bone. The main purpose of CBCT imaging is to assess the quality and density of your jawbone. These scans will also capture high-detail images of existing teeth and tooth roots and the location of nerves and sinuses. Because these scans are 3-dimensional, your dentist can evaluate your bone with extreme precision.

More precise surgical planning. The CBCT scans of your mouth can be uploaded into computer software where your dentist can map out the placement of your dental implants in a 3D environment. Some types of software also make it possible for your dentist to complete your surgery virtually and work through potential problems before your actual appointment.

Virtually error-free implant placement. The 3D images captured with a CBCT scanner can also be used to design a custom surgical guide from the surgical plans. This guide is like a plastic retainer that rests over the gums. The holes in the guide are created in such a way that the implant can only be inserted at the pre-planned angle and depth in your jawbone. Because surgical planning is so precise, the implant placement itself will also be nearly, if not completely, perfect.

More accurate and aesthetic restorations. A dentist who free-hands surgery and uses physical impressions to create restorations has a greater chance of error or improper fit than one who uses technology to guide these detailed aspects of the process. However, the CBCT scans and the computer software used to plan surgery can also be used to create the temporary prosthesis. This precision leaves little room for error and, with exact placement of the dental implants, ensures that the restoration will fit precisely as well.


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