Moments matter in any emergency, even when the event isn’t life-threatening. In the case of oral trauma or a severe toothache, moments can mean the differences between losing a tooth and saving one. Take a look at what an emergency dentist can do to save a chipped, cracked, broken, knocked out or decaying tooth.

Repairing a Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

Not only does an emergency dentist offer after-hours access to prompt dental care. An emergency dentist also stages medications and equipment for rapid deployment.

These are some of the procedures an emergency dentist will have on the ready in case a patient needs prompt treatment for a broken, cracked, chipped, decaying or knocked-out tooth.

Tooth bonding – if your tooth has been chipped, your dentist can apply a bonding material and shape it to make the chipped tooth look normal

Dental seals – to prevent cracks from growing, your emergency dentist will treat the exposed area of the tooth, fill it and use a sealant to secure it.

Veneers – badly chipped teeth can be sealed to prevent tooth decay, while dental veneers, thin bits of porcelain, can be bonded to the front of the tooth to make the tooth look whole.

Crowns – dental crowns are used to replace parts of a tooth that have been lost. After the tooth is filled and sealed, the crown is bonded atop the broken tooth.

root canal – if a toothache is at the root of your dental emergency, your emergency dentist will perform a root canal to clear out the infected tissue inside of the tooth. The tooth will be filled to insulate the healthy tissue and then sealed.

Sometimes, a tooth can’t be saved. In those cases, your dentist may recommend one of the following to replace one or more teeth:

·         Dental implants

·         Bridges

·         Partial dentures

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