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Dr Waters talks about Sedation Dentistry

Custom Sedation dentistry
for Better Patient Care

Due to the nature of our surgical and reconstructive services, it is often necessary for our patients to receive some level of sedation dentistry during their procedure. For others, sedation is a welcome support to calm even the most severe dental anxiety and enables us to provide the needed care to restore optimal oral health. For most of the procedures we provide in the comfort of our Wichita Falls, TX and San Antonio, TX offices, IV sedation is our method of choice as it allows for the most sufficient level of pain control while producing higher levels of amnesia once the procedure is complete. IV sedation is the strongest form of conscious sedation and can be customized to your unique needs for the greatest level of comfort and safety. As oral surgeons, we are clinically trained in all levels of anesthesia and are licensed to administer IV sedation. Dr. Patrick Waters has also received extensive anesthesia training through the Department of Anesthesia at the prestigious UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center at Dallas. Together, our experienced team is equipped with the training, resources, and experience to provide you with highly comfortable experiences.

The Benefits OF
Sedation Dentistry

  • No more dental anxiety or fear!
  • Feel completely calm and relaxed
  • Enjoy virtually pain-free appointments
  • No stress about your gag reflex
  • Remain awake, but very comfortable

Why Choose IV Sedation Dentistry?

Many of the services we provide are more complex and you may need additional assistance to both feel relaxed and to provide adequate levels of pain control. With IV sedation, you will be more comfortable and able to receive the care you need to reach optimal oral health. Our sedation options often change the relationship and thought of visiting the oral surgeon to a positive experience. IV sedation specifically allows us to provide the most personalized levels of sedation, which we have full control over to ensure you are fully comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire treatment, enhancing your overall experiences with us.

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