The largest bone in the skull is the mandible, or lower jaw. Sometimes if the lower jaw and upper jaws don’t develop correctly or the joint connecting them (the TMJ) is dislocated, you may have trouble doing some basic things like chewing, smiling, or speaking. If you’re suffering from consistent jaw pain, an issue that becomes facially unbalancing, or trouble breathing, then you’ll want to consider corrective jaw surgery. Correctly positioned teeth and jaws drastically increase your quality of life by eliminating or lessening symptoms of multiple oral disorders, allowing you to be yourself again.
Symptoms that may require surgery:
  • Lower or upper jaw that protrudes or juts forward
  • Laborious breathing
  • Chewing or biting food is tough
  • Persistent migraines
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Pain from chronic jaw joint issues (TMJ)
  • Trauma to the face and surrounding areas
  • Unbalanced facial appearance
Jaw Surgery and Treatment

Every case we take is unique, but the overall goal of jaw surgery at The Marquis Center is to restore your self-confidence. We are proud to utilize cutting-edge technology to plan out and perform your jaw surgery. During the procedure, we reposition the jaw to the proper location and secure it with tiny pins that fuse to the bone while you’re healing. This process allows you to heal up to your full potential with your jaw in the correct position, freeing you to enjoy life to the fullest! That said, we know that jaw surgery can be a daunting idea that can cause anxiety and concern. We are licensed anesthesiologists, so we can further help ease your fears during the procedure with IV sedation, and we are happy to go over any and all treatment options with you. With our experienced oral surgery team, there’s no need to worry!