The process of identifying and managing diseases pertaining to the mouth, jaw, teeth, and salivary glands is called oral pathology. The issues discovered can range from cysts to tumors to precancerous or cancerous lesions. As oral surgeons, we’re fully equipped and clinically trained in diagnosing and treating the full range of oral diseases. Alongside preventative measures, seeking knowledgeable care once you notice something particularly strange or continuous in the mouth is the best tactic. A common and deadly disease is oral cancer, which can be treated more effectively if caught early, much like many oral conditions. With our extensive education and experience, we are confident that we can assist our clients in quick diagnosis and treatment of these oral diseases.

SYMPTOMS to evaluate
  • Lumps or knots that don’t go away
  • Sections or areas colored red or white
  • Having trouble swallowing or chewing
  • Abrasions that bleed easily or won’t heal
  • Hoarse voice or chronic sore throat
Preventative Treatment and Diagnosis

You are your best defense against oral cancer and disease. Keep in mind what foods or habits may cause damage to your mouth or surrounding areas. For example, heavy alcohol use or tobacco use of any kind can cause oral cancer. If you find any unfamiliar pain, discoloration, or lumps, schedule an appointment with our oral surgeons to address these issues immediately.

On top of self-examination, consistent testing and oral cancer screenings are imperative, as a large portion of oral pathology symptoms don’t cause pain or discomfort. At The Marquis Center, an oral pathology exam includes a comprehensive oral examination, including X-rays and a full review of your medical history to ascertain your unique oral needs. If we discover any tissue that may require analysis, we will perform a biopsy. Our oral surgeons are more than qualified to tackle even the most complex of surgical options should the need for more intensive care arise.