All-on-4 © Full Arch Dental Implants

One Day To Transform Your Smile

A lot can happen in a single day, and imagine if you could transform your smile completely in that time frame. All-on-4® full arch dental implants at The Marquis Center in San Antonio can make that transformation a reality.

Live Your Dream Life

Are your teeth holding you back in this life? Do you often find yourself worrying about showing off your smile, talking closely with people, or even something as simple as eating? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then The Marquis Center in San Antonio has the solution for you. With our dental implant services, you can finally take your life back and live a rich life that is full of true freedom. Our dental implant services not only provide you functionality with a brand new set of teeth, but you’ll also experience an upgrade in nearly every aspect of your life. When you work with us, we’ll get rid of the issues that were causing so much stress, anxiety, and pain and get you back to being your glowing self. 

Dentistry You Can Trust

Our dental implants will completely replace your current natural teeth, and the best part is that you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. When we work with you to get that shining smile back, we fully restore the stimulation that you would normally feel and ensure that your implants both act and look identical to your natural teeth. In this day and age, restorative dentistry has reached advancements that were previously believed to be impossible. When it comes to replacing your teeth, there is practically no solution that’s more efficient and effective than dental implants. We know that you’ll be satisfied with the results that our friendly and experienced team will provide you with, and we can’t wait to show you what’s possible for you and your smile. 



    Understanding All-on-4® full arch dental implants

    All-on-4 full arch dental implants work by strategically placing four implants into the jaw bone, allowing for missing teeth replacement without grafting bone. In fact, this procedure is amazing for patients with severe bone loss, failing dentitions, or multiple tooth loss. Thanks to the skills and experience of our San Antonio oral surgeons, most of our patients can qualify for the life-changing All-on-4 dental implants.

    Making the Complex Look Simple

    The process of drafting out a detailed, customized All-on-4 plan is a meticulous and careful process. Thankfully, our San Antonio dental implants team is full of professionals who specialize in dental implants and have been through rigorous training. Our oral surgeons utilize CBCT scans to assist in implant placement, invest in the highest quality implant materials, and are top in the field of implant dentistry.

    The Oral Surgeon Advantage

    To offer you the best care possible, we’ve trained at the highest levels in dental surgical procedures, dental implants, and anesthesia at Parkland/UT Southwestern, a world famous surgical center. This training gives our maxillofacial and oral surgeons unparalleled qualifications to offer All-on-4 full arch dental implants, even if specialized surgical care or other treatment options like zygomatic dental implants are needed.


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