Don’t Allow Dental Anxiety to Hold You Back

Dental Anxiety Is a Serious and Common Condition

If you suffer from severe dental anxiety, you’re not alone—between 30 and 40 million people have a fear of visiting the dentist. Many people have such a severe phobia of oral surgery that they would rather live in chronic pain or discomfort that receive treatment. While we understand the debilitating effects of severe dental anxiety, we also know that neglected oral health, especially when it comes to oral surgery, can have serious consequences. Don’t put off recommended treatment any longer! We invite you to visit our Wichita Falls, TX office and receive care from our experienced, understanding oral surgeons. We have the highest level of training in anesthesia and are skilled at administering IV sedation to help calm even the most anxious patient.

Common Causes of Severe Dental Anxiety

  • Feeling hopeless or out of control
  • Fear of pain, needles, noises, or smells
  • Traumatizing past dental experiences
  • Shame of current oral condition
  • Extremely sensitive gag reflex
  • Presence of disease or infection
Dr Waters talks about sedation

Gain the Confidence to Pursue the Care You Need

Due to the complex nature of many of the services we provide, our oral surgeons take a compassionate and conscientious approach to treating patients with severe dental anxiety. Our advanced clinical training in anesthesia equips us to provide customized levels of IV sedation and effectively monitor you throughout your appointment. With our team, you’ll be able to receive the treatment you need in an environment that promotes safety and comfort. Before scheduling any surgical appointment, however, we provide thorough education on how IV sedation works to keep you calm and outline the benefits of choosing this highly customized form of sedation. We’re here to answer your questions, talk through your concerns, and help you feel comfortable and confident about pursuing care with us.

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