Full arch dental implants offer a fresh start for those who’ve lost all or most of their teeth. But should you go all-in on your fresh start or hold onto the past and present, if you still have a few teeth remaining? Should you have teeth extracted to make way for full arch dental implants? Well, it depends. While outcomes are very predictable with dental implant placement, each person’s case is still unique.

Team Decision

Before making a recommendation on whether or not to remove teeth in order to make way for dental implants, your oral surgeon and staff will consult with you to align expectations. Your current health and the condition of your jawbone will factor into the decision to keep or pull your remaining natural teeth. And of course, the decision whether to keep or remove your teeth will ultimately be yours to make.

These are some of the reason your dental staff may urge you to have your remaining natural teeth pulled:

  • Loose teeth
  • Rotting teeth with signs of severe decay
  • Bone loss – the bone density beneath your remaining teeth is deteriorating

These are the reasons to keep your remaining natural teeth:

  • The teeth are healthy and still viable
  • The jawbone underneath is in great condition
  • You choose a restoration options that incorporate your remaining natural teeth

What Happens If You Keep Them?

If you’ve lost most of your teeth, there’s a strong chance that X-Rays and exams will reveal that the remaining teeth are on their way out as well. However, if your remaining teeth are strong and healthy, your dental staff may recommend a partial restoration, such as bridges, to incorporate your remaining teeth.

More on Full Arch Dental Implants in Wichita Falls, TX

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