Maybe you’ve heard of them from that person you were flat-out surprised to learn wears dentures. Maybe you’ve heard about them from your primary care physician, who’s been urging you to let go of past stigmas and rethink dentures.

No matter where you heard about dental implants from, a lot of the hype is actually true – though much of it is also overblown. Separate fact from fiction and find out if full arch dental implants are right for you.

A Closer Look at Dental Implants

To get a good idea whether full arch dental implants are right for you, let’s start with a look at what dental implants are along with how they support dental appliances such as dentures and crowns.

Implants can restore any number of teeth: from one tooth to a complete arch, a row of teeth. They help people reclaim their smiles, help with enunciation, and helps people eat chewy foods worry-free.

The three primary components of dental implants are:

  • The post – This part serves as the tooth root and is usually made of titanium. It’s planted in the jawbone, like real teeth. They’re packed in tight with natural or artificial jawbone dust, which will help your body accept and integrate the implant.
  • The abutment – This part sits atop the implant post and provides a connection point for the crown.
  • Crowns and dentures – Fashioned after the tooth or teeth they’ll replace, a dental crown or dentures attach to the abutment to provide wearers with reliable, realistic artificial teeth.

Candidacy for Full Arch Dental Implants

A dental implant isn’t a success until there’s osseointegration – the acceptance of metal by bone. Osteointegration may not be possible for individuals with severely weakened, damaged or decaying jawbone.

Sedation is another major factor key in determining a person’s candidacy for dental implants. If a person isn’t physically able to be sedated to the degree necessary for implant surgery, the option for full arch dental implants goes off the table and conventional dentures become a better solution.

Where to Get Full Arch Dental Implants in San Antonio TX

Want to know for sure if full arch dental implants are right for you? Click here to schedule a consultation with a local oral surgeon and find out more about getting full arch dental implants in San Antonio TX.