Dental implants are better than natural teeth in many cases, but not all of them. When natural teeth begin to fail, eventually it’ll just be a matter of time before they fall out. In such cases, moving on from your remaining natural teeth can enhance your life much more than attempting to get a few more years out of failing teeth. Take a look at when your dentist might strongly advocate for pulling teeth ahead of full arch dental implants, as well as cases in which they may back saving your remaining teeth.

Reasons to Let Them Go

When gum disease advances to periodontitis, it begins to do irreversible damage to the teeth and gums. Without intervention from a professional, the teeth will inevitably fall out early. But before that, they’ll go through months or years of decay. If treated soon enough, the decay can be clear and the healthy tissue at the core of your teeth can continue to keep the tooth alive. Loose teeth are a sign that the nerves inside the teeth are failing or have failed and that efforts to try to save them would be futile.

Reasons to Keep Them

Whether you or not you decide to keep your remaining teeth, your dentist will take several 3D scans of your mouth during the consultation phase of your dental implant journey.

If your dentist spots the following elements when examining your mouth, they will likely support keeping the teeth and placing dental implants around them:

·         Strong jawbone underneath – gum disease can erode the support structures for teeth, including the area of the jawbone in which the teeth are rooted

·         Stability – if your teeth are strong and stable, chances are you can keep them that way. Even teeth under assault from gum disease can be saved if professional treatment is sought in time.

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