Dental Implants
Cosmetic dentistry is related to dental procedures that are done to improve the functionality of your teeth as well as to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry dental implants can be included in this category because they are used to increase the functionality of your teeth by restoring missing teeth, and they are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Can You Benefit From Dental Implants?
Dental Implants are designed to provide the recipient with teeth that feel, function, and fit just like your natural teeth would. Also, dental implants have the ability to provide you with a whiter and brighter smile. In addition, if you have teeth that are infected, severely damaged, or missing dental implants are the right choice for you. Dental Implants serve as roots for your teeth and provide anchors for dental bridges and dental crowns, or dentures. Also, they promote the regeneration of bone and gum tissue. In addition, sometimes bone grafting is needed to make dental implant installation possible.

Explore Your Options
To learn more about cosmetic benefits of dental implants it would be beneficial if you reached out to our San Antonio office to schedule a dental implant consultation so our doctor can discuss dental implants with you.