What an Oral Surgeon Can Do for You

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There’s a lot a general dentist can do to improve your oral health and help correct common issues that arise. But special cases call for a specialist. For the more complex or more stubborn dental issues, turn to the services of an oral surgeon – which is a dentist certified in oral surgeries. There’s a lot an oral surgeon can do for you to restore or preserve your oral health – these are some of the more common procedures in the oral surgery category.

Issues an Oral Surgeon Can Help With

Facial trauma treatment – an oral surgeon can treat cuts and other traumatic wounds on your face and inside your mouth. They can also treat severe oral infections and broken bones in the face.

Dental implants – the top solution for missing teeth, dental implants are implanted into the jawbone and function just like natural teeth.

Tooth extractions – when they’re rooted in the jawbone, teeth can be difficult for a general dentist to pull. Oral surgeons are equipped to handle tooth extractions with relative ease.

Bone grafting – when teeth fall out, the jawbone starts to deteriorate. If that deterioration is too extensive, dental implants become impractical. Bone grafting entails using synthetic or donor bone to regenerate bone.

Socket preservation – to prevent deterioration after a tooth extraction, an oral surgeon may fill the void left behind with natural or synthetic bone material.

TMJ treatment – just as there are many different TMJ disorders, there are many different options for treating them. An oral surgeon will offer surgical solutions for TMJ disorders, but will only recommend jaw surgery in San Antonio, TX if the non- and minimally-invasive options have been exhausted.


It’s important to always reach out to first responders or to head to an emergency room whenever you’re facing a medical emergency. When the severity of the issue is unknown, it’s still best to turn to first responders or an emergency room.

More on Oral Surgery in San Antonio, TX

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