There are two major types of dental implants: the kind that sits on top of the jaw, but beneath the gum, and ones that fit into the jawbone, just like your original teeth.

You need a decent amount of bone density within the jaw for this enhancement. Rest assured there are procedures that can compensate for the loss of gum tissue and jawbone. This allows dental implants to provide you some of the best possible restoration methods.

Since both types have been linked to the jawbone, they can provide distinctive benefits over traditional ways of replacing missing teeth. Every sort of dental implant provides strong support for your replacement teeth, which functions and looks exactly like natural teeth. Obtaining implants also contribute to enhancing dental health, appearance, and overall wellness.

When someone loses a tooth, a conventional bridging procedure is usually performed to replace it. Now dental bridges can be placed using a dental implant method. This allows the original teeth to not be subjected to sanding or shaving for a crown to be placed on the adjoining teeth. The process uses the implants as the anchors to the new teeth creating stronger support to the bridged area.

Here are a few facts to think about before making your decision on dental implants:

• A dentist should make a careful evaluation of your health history to determine if you would be a candidate for the treatment.

• Although age isn’t a factor, tobacco and alcohol use, as well as some diseases, could be contributing variables at preventing anyone from experiencing the complete benefit of dental implants.

• Dental implants work just like natural teeth, and oftentimes have an edge over replacement procedures.

• Healthy teeth don’t have to be utilized in order to sustain the replacements like traditional bridge replacements.

• The period in the positioning of the implants until the final recovery could take from 3 to 12 weeks. The healing period is set by an individual basis and from the type of implant.

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