There are many conditions that can create bone loss, ranging from gum disease and irregularities in your oral hygiene to chronic illnesses and aging. Bone loss in the jaw can erode your smile. As jawbone deteriorates, the cheeks begin to sag inward and you may lose teeth along the way. However, bone grafting can regenerate jawbone and help build a solid foundation for your rebuilt smile. Take a look at what causes bone loss and how bone grafting can give you your smile back.

Causes of Bone Loss in the Jaw

There aren’t just one or two common causes of jawbone loss. There are many reasons why the jawbone begins to break down in mass and density.

Teeth owe much of their cutting, biting and grinding power to the jawbone, which they are rooted in. When teeth are lost or decayed, the jawbone no longer receives stimulation for teeth and the bone begins to decay as a result.

These are some of the direct and indirect causes of bone loss in the jaw

·         Tooth loss – trauma, decay and extractions can leave the jawbone unstimulated

·         Gum disease – can cause the teeth, gums and jawbone to decay if left untreated

·         Misalignment – misaligned teeth may wear down early, causing tooth decay

·         Chronic health issues – health issues can make it harder to fight gum disease

·         And many others

Benefits of Bone Grafting

Bone grafting entails taking natural or synthetic bone dust and grafting it into an area of the jawbone that’s low on bone mass or density. Over time, the graft will fuse with the jawbone and help regenerate more bone.

These are some of the many uses for bone grafting:

·         Dental implants – grafting can make replacement teeth more viable long-term

·         Structure – can restore facial symmetry for a more youthful appearance

·         Function – can restore function to the jaw and help raise the sinuses

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