When you need a dental procedure performed, finding the right specialist can make a big difference to your recovery. While many professionals have overlapping training, the time and emphasis on each area of the profession are not equal, even if both wound up qualified for the same treatment or procedure. When you choose an oral surgeon for your dental implants, you are opting for the dental professional with more training on surgical procedures than a general dentist. 

Specialized Training

Dental specialists like oral surgeons receive additional training beyond that of a general dentist. After acquiring a dental degree like a DMD or DDS, oral surgeons undergo four to six years of residency, during which many obtain a medical degree in addition to their dental degree. At the end of the residency, they must also pass board certification to begin practice as an oral surgeon.

Qualification vs. Specialization

General dentists receive the training they need to safely place dental implants under most circumstances. The additional training oral surgeons receive provides them with more hands-on experience before they finish, as well as specialized training in the extra procedures and cutting-edge processes for patients with complex cases. Some of the training includes: 

  • Bone grafting techniques for specific structural issues
  • Tissue harvesting and grafting practice and training
  • Additional anatomical and medical training

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