It’s a legitimate concern for anyone considering dental implants. Will it hurt when your dentist opens your gums, drills pilot holes for your implants and then screws the titanium implant posts into the holes made in your jawbone. As painful as all that would be on its own, modern medicine has made it possible for you to cruise through your procedure without feeling any pain.

Take a closer look at dental implant surgery and find out why you won’t have to worry about fighting pain to get through your procedure.

Local Anesthesia

At most, you’ll only feel a moderate amount of pressure as your dentist works to place your dental implants. And that pressure, if you even feel it, won’t hurt at all. That’s because you’ll be given a shot of a local anesthetic at the start of your procedure.  The numbing effects of the local anesthesia should last you comfortably past the end of your procedure.

You’ll experience a bit of swelling and some tenderness at the implant sites after your procedure. This is natural and should last no longer than a week, but typically subsides much sooner than that. As for the discomfort after your procedure, you’ll find than a common off-the-shelf painkiller can help you manage the soreness at the implant sites just fine.


To many people, local anesthesia is enough to get them comfortably through just about any procedure offered at a dentist’s office. But for others, the numbing effect of the anesthesia has little impact on their dental anxiety.

If you’re still concerned about having your dental implants placed, ask your dentist about the office’s sedation options. Using IV sedation, administered into the veins, you’ll feel your worries and anxieties fade and will have no issue at all getting through your surgery.

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