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If you have aching or missing teeth, you know the pain can run deeper than just your mouth. Maybe you can’t eat the things you used to enjoy. Or perhaps you find yourself smiling behind your hand, or worse yet…not smiling at all.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of – life happens. But now is a great time to get your life back. The restoration experts at The Marquis Center can help you regain your smile, your confidence, and your zest for life with dental implants. 

Restorative Dentistry You Can Trust

Our doctors are specialists who place multiple dental implants every day. They are the best, most competent surgeons available and they have the skill and expertise to perform the most complex cases in medically challenging patients. Full mouth dental implant surgery is NOT a job for a regular dentist.

    Your Local Trustworthy Dental Surgeons

    Our oral maxillofacial surgeons are the highest trained providers that bridge the gap of medicine and dentistry. After graduating at the top of their dental school classes, our surgeons each attended medical school and completed a general surgery internship followed by an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency. During this residency, they trained in facial trauma, facial cosmetics, head and neck cancer and, of course, both simple and complex dental implant cases. Their 6 year medical residency also included extensive training in anesthesia and the management of complex medical conditions. Experience and training matter.

    Quality Care Leads to Quick Recovery

    According to the American Dental Association, the average success rate of dental implants is 82%. While this is considered successful, this does not meet the standard we hold ourselves to. At the Marquis Center, we place thousands of dental implants annually with a 99% success rate. Implants that look and function like a natural tooth and permanently restore your smile. Experience matters.

    Top-Notch Dental Surgery Technology

    Our doctors perform hundreds of full mouth dental implant cases annually: full upper and lower permanent arches, secured with 4-6 implants on each jaw, created specifically and individually for each patient, through the most advanced technology available. The entire process is constantly analyzed and continually improved by a 1000 step quality check in our on-site lab and in-house research team.  Experience and quality matter.

    Success Built In for a Lifetime

    Zirconia is a chemical combination of zirconium and oxygen. Zirconium is a strong metal which when oxidized becomes a heat resistant white ceramic material, making it ideal for dental implants. Zirconia is bio-inert, meaning that it is non-toxic, non-leaching, and

    non-changeable, so it does not affect the body in any negative way. Zirconia teeth

    create a perfect smile which look just like natural teeth and are just as strong!