You know where to turn when you’re in need of emergency medical attention, but do you know where to go when you need urgent dental care. Not all dental practices offer emergency dental care. But those that do, offer you the opportunity to get the critical care need to stop bad from turning into severe. Find out what an emergency dentist can do for you to preserve your oral health when every moment matters.

What’s an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentistry is a streamlined version of general dentistry. A dental practice offering emergency dentistry has prepared its critical services for rapid deployment. For example, all of the equipment needed for an emergency root canal are on-hand and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

What Treatments Are Commonly Offered?

Here’s a look at three of the emergency dental procedures commonly offered by emergency dentists:

Chipped or broken teeth – chipped and broken teeth don’t just harm a person’s confidence. They also present the risk of infection. Dental bonding can add surface area to chipped tooth, while dental crowns can restore badly broken teeth.

Knocked-out teeth – if a healthy tooth is knocked out and handled minimally, an emergency dentist can reseat the tooth and save it.

Toothaches and infections – it can be easy to ignore discomfort form toothaches or infection, up until the moment they become unbearable. In those times, an emergency dentist can perform emergency root canals to give you near-instant relief.


There’s a lot an emergency dentist can do to help you get to time-sensitive dental problems. However, it’s important to remember that you should always go to an emergency room or contact first responders whenever you’re facing an issue that potentially threatens the loss of life or limb. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check first responders or an emergency room.

More on Emergency Dental Care in San Antonio, TX

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