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Severely broken restorations or teeth are cause for immediate concern, as they can harm your oral health as well as cause you extreme discomfort and pain. Whether due to trauma or other factors, broken restorations and teeth need expert restorative care to replace the natural tooth. In these situations, you may risk damage to other healthy teeth, gum tissue, or bone and could end up needing the tooth to be removed to avoid further issues. Our oral surgeons are skilled in tooth extractions and in placing dental implants, which oftentimes can be completed in a single visit. Seeking care for your broken restorations or teeth is your best option for eliminating pain and restoring health to your smile.

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Broken restorations can sometimes reveal extensive decay of the tooth beneath. Removal of these teeth eliminates pain and also preserves the health of the mouth by ridding the area of bacterial buildup. Broken or fractured teeth that have affected the nerves and roots may not be able to be preserved with a dental crown or root canal and will most likely need extraction to prevent infection. Our oral surgery team is skilled at identifying these issues and providing you with personalized restorative care through dental implants.

Discover the Benefits of Replacing Teeth with Implants

Dental implants provide the best alternative to natural teeth, offering you long-term functional and health benefits. By removing broken restorations and teeth, problems such as pain and infection are effectively resolved. As oral surgeons, we specialize in dental surgical procedures, including dental implant placement, and provide comprehensive implant care in the convenience of our Wichita Falls, TX and San Antonio, TX offices. With extensive training from Parkland/UT Southwestern Medical School, we’re uniquely qualified to provide complex restorative treatment for your broken restorations and teeth.

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